Thursday, September 30, 2010

Halloween, here we come!

A few days ago I suddenly realized that Halloween is around the corner and I hadn't spun any Halloween-related yarns yet - oh my! It kind of sneaked up to me, my sense of time seems to be a little chaotic at the moment ;-)

Well, there was only one thing to be done - ah, no, two, actually:
1. buy orange beads and sequins
2. spin as many yarns as possible

As for 1., I didn't only buy orange beads and sequins, but some gorgeous other glittery items:

I am absolutely in love with the beads - they're facetted glass beads and they really glitter :-) Some of the black ones have already made it into a yarn, the silver ones would be awesome in sparkly christmas yarns :-) I also plan on using some of them on wire bookmarks in the near future.

As for 2., I managed to spin three Halloween yarns so far. Not bad for two days, but I need to spin moooore - I love Halloween :-) I plan on making some ghosts and zombie heads again, too - hopefully I'll be able to do so today or tomorrow, and spin them into yarns on the weekend.

But now, let me show you what I've done so far:

The black/orange yarn contains many of the freshly-bought orange beads and sequins, the other black one contains hand dyed curls, and the green/orange contains some of the sparkly black beads. I've already taken photos of them all, so it shouldn't take me too long to list them.


  1. no need for me to do halloweeny things - DS isn't keen on going to the school party anymore:)) the orange/green yarn is a bit too "pumpkiny" for my taste - but the others, yum. I think I prefer the spooky stuff (hidden goth inside my maybe?:)) keep spinning - I am having fun watching!

  2. Ahh, I especially love the pumpkiny one ;-)

    It's nice to hear you're having fun, so I'll post more pictures as soon as possible :-)



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