Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Has it really been a year??

Not quite, but nearly.
I am talking about Halloween preparations.
Since we want our customers to be able to knit something from our (planned) Halloween yarns before the actual event, we have to start spinning Halloween yarns again. What did I say - have to? WANT to is more like it, we just love doing it, of course ;-)
So I went and made some new weird beads, remembering all the fun I had last year.
All the white/light parts glow in the dark.

The unidentifiable beads in the bottom row are supposed to be eyes for a special project - but I'll tell you more about that when there's more to see.

I also dug out my easter egg colours, which are more easily to use (and require less time, I can do that along the way, using the microwave) than acid dyes and dyed some kid mohair and some merino/bamboo blend.

The kid mohair will become another fluffy glow in the dark yarn and the blend is for another ocean-themed yarn - though I have to admit I am quite tempted to use the blend in combination with the white heads in the picture above to make an unusual halloween yarn, such as a drowned corpse or something similar vivid ;-) (Would fit into the ocean theme nicely, don't you think? *g*)

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  1. hi, yes its an ashford traveller on loan from the guild until I get a wheel of my own which should be next month as a friend has generously offered me her wheel. trying to concentrate on spinning basics then plan more experimentation:-)



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