Thursday, August 27, 2009

Let me introduce... of my favourite online comics and a new art yarn that was inspired by it.
I am talking about the Unspeakable Vault (of Doom), where you can find very cute strips about Cthulhu and the other Great Old Ones. I have always liked the Shoggies, all wobbly and with many eyes, and have wanted to spin a yarn inspired by them for quite a while. Well, I finally managed:

I have used fluffy, squashy Blue Faced Leicester wool which I have died with easter egg food colours. I plied it with glow in the dark sewing thread, strung with eyed made from glow in the dark polymer clay, and made lots of coils. I didn't manage to take a better glow in the dark photo, here you can only see the eyes, but the plying thread glows, too.

My friend and shop partner suggested for me to knit a brain-eating hat ;-) But since pink is really not my colour, however cool the yarn, I'll put it into our shop soon.

Curious about more Shoggy strips? Shoggies and Cthulhu, Bowling, Shoggies go Battlestar Galactica. There are more, of course - just browse The Vault! ;-)



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