Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Strange and the Divine

I promised photos of my latest yarns which you have already seen on the bobbin, during the spinning process - and here they are :-)

Luna Lovegood

108 m / 97 g
I used fine merino wool of yellow, peach and light blue, as well as white mohair for a fine halo and white Bluefaced Leicester wool for extra softness. I spun in sunflowers and wonderful handmade glass radishes Potzblitz made for me:

Aren't the amazing?

And here's the other yarn:


191 m / 90 g
I used a wonderful merino/bamboo blend I had dyed quite a while ago. It was sitting in my dyed fibre box and for a long time, I couldn't decide what to make from it. Sometimes, when I like some supplies a lot, I don't want to use them too quickly, I usually wait for the perfect project. Now that I found it I am very happy that it turned out as beautifully as I wanted it to be :-)
I spun in two types of a kind of leaf garland, the green one clearly alluding to the olive branches associated with the Goddess Athena, and some silver-coloured owls - Athenas associated birds.
Athena is - besides other things - considered the Goddess of spinners and weavers.

Both yarns are to be listed in our shop very soon :-)


  1. Athena ist natürlich meine neue Favouritin :)
    Sehr schön geworden! Die Radieschen sehen auch wirklich klasse aus im Luna-Garn!

  2. Dachte ich mir schon, dass die Athena dir besonders gefällt ;-)

  3. It's absolutely gorgeous!! I love the colors and the little hint of sheen and sparkle.

  4. I do like both a lot but the Athena just a tiny bit more. Must be the glittery stuff, I guess *g*. The owls are just awesome and fit the rest of this creation perfectly. :)



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