Saturday, September 4, 2010

Trading Wire Bending Art

A while ago, I signed up at, a German community where people trade handmade items. I've already shown you a shawl pin I made and some of the glass beads I traded it for. Last week I saw some gorgeous-looking soaps I really wanted, and I was asked to make two bookmarks for the trade:

I really like the one with the skull ;-) I've been wanting to make a pair of earrings for myself using the bone skulls, and I hope I will find the time soon.

Today, my soaps arrived, and they don't only look gorgeous, they also smell wonderful!

I also agreed to a trade of two shawl pins for a lot of jam quite some time ago, and I finally managed to make the second pin:

The design was requested by my trading partner and I am glad I managed to accommodate her :-) I am really looking forward to the jams, they will fill a hole in our pantry ;-)

I also listed some yarns for trade, and I found some people who were willing to make some wonderful things for me - but I haven't received any of them yet, so I'll tell you about them some other time. Just let me say that I'm waiting for some handmade glass beads I'll need for a big project I'm planning for myself and which I'll tell you about soon.


  1. the one with the skull is cool:) would be the right thing for a nice vampire novel or some spooky thrillers - just to keep you in the mood:)) I love the shawl pin too - do you get the wire round and "hammer" it flat????

  2. I think the woman I made these for did indeed plan to use the skull bookmark for thrillers :-)

    Yes, I bent the wire and hammered it afterwards. Bending was not easy since I lacked something the right size to bend the wire around - I had to use something to small and then correct it inch by inch with my hands and I was afraid it wouldn't be round at all. Luckily, it turned out fine :-)

  3. you know, when I looked at your bookmarks again - you could use them as closure pins for jackets and cardies, too! if the wire is strong enough not to bend too much? the scroll part looks kind of celtic to me.....



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