Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Colour Of Tea - Part II

Anyone remember my tea dyeing experiment? I've been wanting to post photos ever since the yarns were dry, but the weather has been really bad for photos most of the time. I have decided to take some pictures now, just in case I won't get any good ones before spring - and should I be able to take better ones later on I'll post another set :-) 

Lessons I learned from all this:

* tea smells a little weird when you put wool or goat hair in it
* I should have used more tea for more intense colours. When I complained about the wool being too light in colour, my husband asked "didn't you want camel colour?" :-D No, I really did want dark copper (AND he knew ;-)). Well, maybe next time. I like camels, though, maybe I'll name the dye lot after them. And the yarns are beautiful, as I realised once I got over my expectations.
* documenting things like this and blogging about them always takes longer than you might think - though it helps to do it right away and not postpone it to some other time. Thank you, blogger, for enabling me to start and save postings! :-)


  1. Die Farbe ist toll geworden, aber dunkler kann ich mir auch gut vorstellen :-)

  2. ich hab die erfahrung gemacht, dass der billigste tee die beste farbe ergibt - je mehr "dust" im beutel, desto dunkler die faerbung:)) bloss keinen guten darjeeling drauf verschwenden:)) ich nehme so 100 - 120 beutel auf 20 l wasser und bekomme ein mittleres braun, mit leichtem rotstich.... aber camelfarbe ist doch auch nicht schlecht:))



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