Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good Things Come in Small Packages

Have you ever sewed paper? I hadn't - until today. The possibility had never even crossed my mind before, but yesterday I found a tutorial on how to make colourful little paper gift pouches and I was hooked instantly. Wild imaginations of all the things I could do with this and all the kinds of forms and paper I could use nearly kept me from sleeping. The tutorial (which is in German and English, by the way) suggest printed scrapbooking paper, so I started looking for free downloadable paper as soon as possible. But I think newspaper (maybe Chinese or Arabian) would also look great, as would sheet music or simple brown packaging paper. For a start, I printed a few colourful papers and had a go - I love the results!

I am currently thinking of making enough of the open pouches to put the sets of stitch markers in I made for the "Lametta" market in December, so whenever I sell a set I'll have a pretty envelope handy. I also thought about giving away one free stitch marker per sold skein of yarn on the same market, and that's where the closed pouches (the ones from the tutorial) come in: simply make a few with a little note attached saying "thank you", put them in a basket and throw one in with every sold yarn; it makes the whole thing even more fun and who doesn't love a nice surprise? Now excuse me, I'm off to make more ;-)


  1. YAY. I LOVE THIS!! toll das du so inspiriert bist und es sit eine super idee, ein paar tüten für den markt da zu haben. da freut sich jeder kunde drüber. wunderbar!!

  2. hm, eine meiner freundinnen verschliesst so postumschlaege, wenn genug platz ist:)) kein gefummel mit kleber, der an allem haengt - allerdings sind die teile auch so supersicher zu, dass der empfaenger entweder ewig schnippeln muss - oder gleich zum grossen messer greift:))
    gegenfrage: schonmal papier versponnen? das macht mir persoenlich noch mehr spass als papier vernaehen:))

  3. Das ist ja auch ne coole Idee!
    Papier versponnen habe ich noch nicht; ich dachte mal an Zeitungsgarn, aber das darf dann ja auch nicht nass werden und ist daher eher unpraktisch... Probieren würde ich's trotzdem mal, aus Neugier :-)



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