Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Advent Calendar made from Art Yarn

I've seen many beautiful things made from art yarn, but I'd never seen art yarn made into an Advent calendar before one of our customers had the idea, ordered one of our Christmas art yarns and made the most beautiful calender from it :-) Let me show you!

Here is the art yarn Maria used:

Deck the Halls

The yarn was 129 m (141 yards) / 91 g (3,21 oz) / about 9-15 WPI, and Maria combined it with Louisa Harding Grace Silk&Wool #1 (Ecru) and #16 (Cranberry) to knit 24 wonderful little bags:

(it should be possible to click & enlarge - there's lots of detail :-)) 


Isn't this amazing? And now there's lots of time to plan and make one for next year ;-) (There is even one Christmas art yarn left in our shop, if you're interested)

I think the idea is genius, and Maria tells me her daughter really enjoyed opening the cute little bags each day - who wouldn't, though??

Maria, thank you so much for taking such wonderful pictures, and for allowing us to use them! :-)

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