Friday, December 9, 2011

Lametta Craft Fair - We're SO Excited!

We've been very busy spinning and labelling yarns these last days, Twisted has been experimenting with art yarn jewelry, and we also put up our booth yesterday. Here are some impressions, but I am afraid my mobile isn't good enough to take good photos in bad light conditions, so there will be some room for imagination ;-)

 Nearly all our yarns - labelled, and sorted into price groups. We have 75 skeins - how amazing, we've really been busy these last few weeks!

 After setting up our booth we felt there was something missing. Since Twisted is a genius, we now have a hand painted copy of our logo :-) I am glad we brought that paper table cover!

 Isn't it amazing? Twisted only had a business card, no auxiliary lines, no preparatory drawing, nothing! I love how it turned out :-)
 We only brought our red yarns yesterday since we didn't want to leave all our yarns there over night. We put up some beautiful branches of Chinese Willow so the table won't look so naked - I think it really does the trick.

 And here's our still quite empty booth which will be filled with all our wonderful creations later today. The fair starts at 4 pm and we're so excited. Please wish us luck and success! :-)


  1. Good luck, guys! I have no doubt you'll be an absolute success. I wish I could be there! I would totally help make you a success! :)

  2. Wow - sounds great & really exiting.
    Wish you a lot of fun and a load of good sales.

  3. Hallo meine Liebe,

    ich hoffe, ihr habt einen ganz tollen Markt mit viel Spass und guten Kunden! :)

    Hope to see a lot of pictures later ;)!

  4. Thank you all so much! :-) The fair was a lot of fun indeed, and I hope to post some more pictures later or during the next few days.

  5. So ein Markt ist sicher noch mal was ganz anderes, macht bestimmt Spaß. Ein paar Bilder habe ich ja schon gesehen, aber ich hoffe, du bloggst auch noch welche.

    Euer Poster ist großartig geworden und ich bin geplättet von der Garnmenge :-D



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