Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Batwoman Returns

Three years ago I spun a beautiful Batwoman art yarn. I had read Batwoman - Elegy shortly before and was smitten with the epicness of the whole thing, and a bit in love with Batwoman herself.

Between then and now I read two more volumes of the series, and I am still smitten and in love ;-) Two more books have arrived recently and I'm waiting for a quiet moment to read them (and I also have a Batwoman wallpaper on my phone which I am very fond of). Anyway, the other I felt it was time for another yarn interpretation, and I decided not to have a look at the photos from the first yarn before getting started.

I did remember debating with myself whether to use black or red silk strips for the cape, but I didn't remember which I chose then. Batwoman's cape contains both, you see - it's red on the inside, and black on the outside. I knew I used bronze bat charms for the first version, but decided on silver ones for the new one. Overall, the new one is darker, but the red parts are more vibrant, it's a bit thinner and less heavily textured. But see for yourself:

Batwoman I

Batwoman II

The first one sold soon after being listed, so it's been gone from the shop for years, but the second one is still available (at least at this very moment ;-)).

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