Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Parade of Ice and Fire

A few months ago I finally decided to start reading George R. R. Martin's epic book series, A Song of Ice and Fire. I don't often take much time for reading, so it's slow progress, mostly, but I enjoy it immensely (though I thought book 2 was a bit lengthy at times), and it's given me so many ideas for art yarns! High time I showed you some of them :-)
Clicking on the titles will take you to the listing in the shop where you can find more info.

Ice & Fire

A take on the general concept of two opposed elements. Alpaca fibre, bluefaced leicester wool, merino wool, shimmering mother of pearl thread, and lots of sequins.
201 m (220 yards) / 52 g (1,83 oz)

Dragon's Egg I

Inspired by one of the dragon's eggs Daenerys Targaryen receives at her wedding to Khal Drogo. It will later hatch into the Dragon Daenerys calls Rhaegal. This yarn was part of a series of three, but there is only one other left besides this one. There is also a special offer. 168 m (184 yards) / 82 g (2,89 oz)
The Vale of Arryn

 Home to Lisa Tully, sister to Catelyn Stark, the Vale of Arryn is described as a vista of green fields, with hundreds of lakes, stretching to the misty east. I chose blue for lots of sky, green and yellow for the fields, and silver thread and sparkly beads for the lakes and the starry night sky. 222 m (243 yards) /103 g (3,63 oz)

King's Landing at Sunset

I think of King's Landing in tones of coloured sandstone, dusky yellows and pinkish browns. I didn't have fibres in the tones I wanted, so it's more pink than I originally planned, but I added matte mookaite beads in the exact colours I imagined.
138 m (151 yards) / 91 g (3,21 oz)

House Tully

The house and family Catelyn Stark comes from. Their colours are blue and red, their sigil a silver trout, and their motto is "Family, Duty, Honor". You can see how I chose colours and add-ins ;-)
 199 m (218 yards) / 102 g (3,60 oz)

Dragon's Egg II

Another one of Daenerys Targaryen's dragon's eggs. It will later hatch into the Dragon Daenerys calls Viserys. This yarn is also part of the above-mentioned series, and thus part of the special offer.
222 m (243 yards) / 106 g (3,74 oz)

 Daenerys Stormborn

Hand dyed kid mohair fibre in storm colours and genuine, faceted amethyst beads the colour of Daenerys' eyes make this yarn truly unique. It's fuzzy, and one of my personal favourites.
153 m (167 yards) / 56 g (1,98 oz)

House Lannister

I was very tempted to name this one The Lannister Lions - but wouldn't you think them a football team? :-D
Red and gold are the colours of Lannister House, and the lion is their sigil. I added lots of silver and gold sequins to demonstrate their wealth, as well.
98 m (107 yards) / 121 g (4,27 oz)

Beyond the Wall

Far stretching landscapes of white snow and snow-covered forests, haunted by the white walkers, crossed by Mance Rayder and his people. You know why there are so many skulls in this one ;-) Some black, some white, both types made from howlite.
135 m (148 yards) / 97 g (3,42 oz)

The Blackfish

Uncle to Catelyn Stark and very stubborn, Brynden Tully is called the Blackfish, which inspired me to use House Tully colours mixed with black, and simpler fish charms than in the Tully yarn.

 172 m (188 yards) / 106 g (3,74 oz)

 Storm Clad

I spun this one also with Daenerys Stormborn in mind, using grey and teal fibres for the stormy sea around Dragonstone, where Daenerys was born during a raging storm. I added shimmering peacock-grey (genuine) freshwater pearls.
296 m (324 yards) / 106 g (3,74 oz)

These are only the ones still available, and I decided against showing you the ones which have already sold, as it would be a bit mean to show the ones which are no longer available. You can look for them yourself in our sold orders, though, if you'd really like to see them (and some might well be respinnable if you fall in love ;-)).

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