Monday, October 26, 2015

The Amazing Harry Potter Art Yarn Advent Calendar II - Quiet Preparations

It's been very quiet around here lately, as at first custom orders and my other job kept me busy and then I was working on something I couldn't really talk about. I can't now, either, at least not in detail, but I do have an announcement to make:
there will be another Harry Potter inspired art yarn advent calendar this year. :-)

Last year, I spun scenes / people / phrases from Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone, a few yards each, and enough for three advent calendars which sold out very quickly. So this time, with Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, I decided to make more, as the concept was so popular.

I started planning and spinning nearly a month ago, this time the process took longer as there was more yarn to spin, and I also had to wait for some ordered add-ins to arrive. Today, I spun the last two yarns! So, the calendar is definitely going to be listed, but before I can do that I have to take photos of the yarns, divide each of them into six equal mini skeins, and write a description for every yarn. Also, I decided to order prettier pouches this time, and I am still waiting (desperately).

It's been very hard for me not to post photos of the project, but it has to be a surprise, obviously. I did post one photo on Facebook and Twitter (by the way: if you'd like more regular mini updates and snippets of what I'm working on, those are the place to be!), and I'd like to show it here, too:

Can you guess which scene / place from the second Harry Potter book this might refer to? :-)

As last year, I will do a virtual advent calendar thing here on the blog again, revealing all the yarns via blogpost from December 1 to 24. So if you'd like to see my interpretations, you know where to look :-)

There will be a limited number of six Amazing Harry Potter Inspired Art Yarn Advent Calendars available, and I will post announcements here on the blog, as well as on Facebook and Twitter once they are listed. It will still take a while, as there are things to be done and pretty red and white candy bags to be waited for, but I will do my best to list them soon!

Oh, and if you'd like to the fantastic scarf Max and Iris have made from last year's art yarn advent calender, look here (lower half of the post)! 


  1. Oh wie cool! Ich hab letztes Jahr Deine Garne so bewundert und freu mich schon auf eine Fortsetzung!

    VG, Steffi

  2. Dann bin ich ja schon mal gespannt... ;-)
    Ist das Shampoo schon bei Dir angekommen?

    Liebe Grüße,

  3. Ich freu mich, dass ihr mitlest und gespannt seid! :-)

    (Zum Shampoo habe ich ja schon gemailt :-)

  4. hm, looks like somebody entered borgin and burke's?:) ich wollte mal the 12 days of christmas so in der art verspinnen. golden rings und turtle doves als charms findet man ja leicht, aber die drummers drumming, ein partridge etc. - die hab ich bisher noch nicht zusammen bekommen:)
    viel spass beim "zusammenbauen" des kalenders:)
    Bettina (aus irland, wo nach halloween nun ploetzlich alles weihnachtlich wird in den laeden:)

  5. Oh, das ist aber auch eine schöne Idee! Vielleicht lässt sich das ein bisschen improvisieren oder zur Not sogar selbst machen? Ich benutze ja manchmal Fimo oder sogar so Schrumpffolie für Dinge, die ich sonst nicht bekomme.

    (Und ja zu Borgin & Burke's ;-))

    Liebe Grüße



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