Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Arr! Loot!

Last weekend, I was in Innsbruck in Austria to accompany my hasband on a business trip. I had some spare time, and I found out that there are quite a lot of interesting shops in Innsbruck!

I bough all these beautiful things in about 30 minutes - every time I fell out of one shop, I saw the next one. Weird... But well, I won't complain! :D

I love the fabrics on the left: The first one will be used for a mermaid-themed yarn, the second one probably for something mythological. The third one, the green one with the golden stripes, is bound to become a 1001-nights-embellishment. And the two fabrics in the background, the golden and silver ones... Well, I already spun one yarn with the silver fabric - you'll see! ;-)

Then I found those beautiful sequin bands. I love especially the darker blue one. It's rather mat, but the color is awesome! I can't wait to spin it into one of the next projects!

And then, of course, there are the two ribbons in the background, the sage green one and the red one. I don't know what I'll to with them, either, but I had to buy them! The green one is beautifully ruffled and will sure look gorgeous spun into a yarn!

Oh, and on the left you can see a starry garland that will show up in some Christmas yarns.


  1. hehe nice materials! ^^ im not a fan of sequin but im sure that in the yarns that you will make it fit perfectly!

  2. please tell me, if you next time come to innsbruck, ´couse we (LIGGY and RITARENATA on ravelry) loves to meet people who knit or similar.
    and i spin too.
    and i looooove your art.
    c.u. maybe one day in tirol.

  3. Thank you for the kind invitation - perhaps I'll come back to it one day soon! Innsbruck is a beautiful town.




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