Thursday, January 8, 2009


What has happened to our shop? There are only two hand fulls of yarn left?

Well, I can tell you: It was Christmas. And Winter in general. We're slowly running out of stock, and even though I know that Weird has some yarns left I know too that I don't. I just didn't get to spinning in the last weeks, all those holiday preparations, getting gifts, planning our Silvester trip ate up so much of my time!

But now all of this will change. I got a huuuuuge package of new fibers, all sorts of stunning stuff: Wensleydale locks, shiny silk and bamboo, hand-dyed rovings, suri alpaca! All those fibers are so incrdibly beautiful - and they were a gift! I'm so stunned and thankful - thank you for your wonderful present, Emi! You really made my day!

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