Monday, January 26, 2009

Lots of new stuff

We have to admit there hasn't been much new stuff lately, neither here nor in our art yarn shop on Etsy. We have both been busy with work and studies and there wasn't much time for crafty things - but we'll do our best to change that. In fact, we had a nice get-together yesterday - a whole day of spinning and wire bending and knitting :-) Snowberry&Lime delivered some wonderful new fibre, like Cashmere and Gotland lambs wool, and also some very strange fibre, like this glittering fleece of merino wool and sparkling nylon fibre:

I had to test this immediately, and I also spun the Gotland lambs wool and some alpaca-silk yarn during the meeting:

The glittering stuff really looks like artificial turf (though it is a lot softer, thank goodness ;-)), so that's what I will call the yarn. I also started spinning some cashmere last night, which is incredibly soft. Maybe I'll dye the yarn after spinning, but I still have to decide about the colour.

And then there is my new favourite yarn, the first one I spun on my new Ashford Traditional (which I got for Christmas and still haven't told you about - shame on me!) WITH the new jumbo flyer (which I should have gotten for Christmas, as well, but which I only received a few days ago) and the only one (at the moment) I think I really can't part with: Dark Atlantis

It has been spun from black merino, mixed together with hand dyed lambs wool of shades of greenish blue, blueish green and turquoise (hard to describe, really) and glittering fibre. There are some hand crafted spirals and lots of facetted glass beads in it and it sparkles and is dark yet a little colourful and I really think I have to keep this one for myself ;-)

Another thing I made for myself is a new orifice hook for my new spinning wheel. It's the second one I made, since the first one was rather crappy, and I really like how it turned out:

As you can see, I am really into wire bending at the moment. It started with some harmless stitch markers for the crafts fair last year - and then I had to buy a book or two and some tools and try to do other stuff - and now... well, we've already opened another shop and let's just say that stitch markers won't be the only wiry things in there ;-)


  1. Dark Atlantis is lovely! (do let me know if you'll part with it after all, amazing colours ++! Although I really should finish the other yarn projects which include yarn from you) Have a great week!

  2. Wow! Ich bin absolut begeistert von der Wolle! Die Farbkombination ist toll und erst die kleinen eingesponnenen "Schnecken"! Wunderbar!



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