Friday, January 30, 2009


I've wanted to try and make some nice clasps with a kind of prehistoric touch for a little while now, and a few days ago I started experimenting. I like the outcome very much and I thought I could make some small art yarn garments to go with the clasps (oh yes, it was this way around, funnily ;-)). So I spun some gorgeous art yarn from bluefaced leicester -which is SO gorgeously soft, I have to order some more!- and golden stuff, like sequins and hand crafted spirals, and then I knitted two differnt neck cuffs. Now I need someone with a slim and pretty neck to take some good photos ;-)

I've also spun a skein of yarn from wonderful, shiny, hand dyed silk - but I seem to have had quite a bad day. When I wound the yarn from the bobbin onto my niddy noddy, it tore in several places (I had tried to spin the yarn with very little tension, so it would be extra soft) and I had to place a few knots. Now, I don't mind knots while knitting, but selling a skein of yarn with several knots doesn't feel right. So either I'll have to make something for myself or I'll have to sell the yarn at a special price. I'll see. And I hope I'll be more successfull with the rest of the fibre, since there's still some left. The colours are simply amazing - like a deep green meadow with dandelions :-)

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