Monday, May 4, 2009

Can't wait for Halloween

You might ask why that is. Well, I'm about to tell you ;-)
We've finally managed - after nearly a year of searching! So we will keep our secret ;-) - to get our hands onto some glow-in-the-dark fibre!!!

We're quite excited about it, and maybe we'll just start spinning new Halloween yarns early this year. After all, those of you who want to use them will need enough time to knit them up, won't you? ;-)
Although glow-in-the-dark stuff isn't unique to Halloween, we are inclined to use that fibre mostly for Halloween yarns - and we do like that holiday, anyway.

I haven't yet tried to spin some of that splendid stuff, but I've carded some together with bamboo and hand dyed red and orange lambs wool:

I will probably need some time to experiment with the amount I need for a nice glowing effect. Lucky there's still time ;-)

Ahh - while I was writing this posting, the postman delivered more glowing stuff! Commercial yarn we'll spin in or use for thread-plying. YAY!

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  1. wow, images of bikers with shinny woolly hats on campsites, love it



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