Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Daily Madness

I am currently spending my time...

...at work:
an excavation near Ludwigshafen, Germany

(we've recently got some new sunshades, which is a good thing regarding the oncoming summer and my heat-sensitivity)

...learning Swedish
(due to University requirements, but it's also great fun - though I wish I had more time to practice...)

...translating (supposedly) Middle Egyptian hieroglyphs (which tend to be not exactly from that time period, which makes translating a lot more difficult). This is what costs me most of my time, so I can't say I'm really thrilled...

...and waiting for the semester to be over
(secretly hoping that spinning time will increase afterwards)

I also have some good news, though: I had a nearly-free weekend and got some spinning done. The skull-y yarn is ready to be put in the shop and I've made another yarn with skulls - which might be the most gorgeous yarn I've ever spun and which I might not be able to sell or give away - but I'll have to postpone writing about that. Now the hieroglyphs await ;-)

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