Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Dark Side

I have already mentioned one of my new yarns - the one I'll probably have to keep, since I am very much in love with it (and it would have to be so expensive that no one would buy it, anyway ;-)). It has been spun from handcarded batts of black alpaca fibre, hand dyed merino/silk blend of a subtle, blueish grey, shiny white bamboo and silver angelina. I used the corespinning technique again (spinning the fibres around a core thread with an angle of (mostly) 90 degrees), which is probably the most time-consuming spinning technique - with the exeption of supercoils. In the end, I had 150 m/104 g of the most gorgeous yarn I can imagine. It cost me a lot of time, but was very well worth it! But let me tell you a bit more ;-) Apart from the bone skulls I've spun in, there are also various semi-precious stones and other fancy stuff: iolite discs that match the merino/silk blend, lava beads, drops of labradorite and freshwater pearls of dark red. I've seldomly used such a large amount of embellishments.

And nooooooow.... Photos!

A few more photos can be seen on my flickr page.

There is only one problem with me and this yarn: I have no idea (yet) what to make from it. Somehow, I don't want another scarf (I have too many already, I can't wear them all and end up with my favourite one, which is all right, surely, but then I don't need any others - and if I made a scarf from this yarn, I couldn't wear my now-favourite one, since the new one would be even better. You can see my dilemma, I am sure ;-)), somehow a hat seems to be to mundane for this beauty (and I don't much like wearing hats, anyway) and I have no further ideas. I will have to forage for ideas and patterns on ravelry. With 150 m I will be somewhat limited, but I am sure I will find something in the end.
Another problem is that the yarn will be gone as soon as I've knitted it up - which is normal, and I know I am acting silly. But what if I knit it up into something and then I find a better use later? I suppose that's why knitters accumulate so many yarns; there has to be the perfect project for a specific yarn and until you find the right one, you have to knit something else ;-)


  1. Lovely new yarns added in your shop! I have just started knitting the "One Row Handspun scarf" (I think it was?) using yarn from you in the project, and it turns out great.

  2. Thank you :-)
    I'm looking forward to seeing photos of your project - if you intend to show some, that is. Would be great!

  3. Outstanding and gorgeous!

    Greets, mel

  4. this yarn is really wierd and wonderfully twisted!
    good idea to show costumer photos.
    bye: rita

  5. Thank you, LadyRamone and ritarenata! *bow* ;-)

  6. beautiful!!!

    super schöne Wolle!!!
    wo hast du die skull Knöpfe her?

  7. Danke! Das sind keine Knöpfe sonder Perlen im weitesten Sinne. Die habe ich von einem Stand, der mal bei uns am Bahnhof war - leider habe ich den schon lange nicht mehr gesehen, die wechseln immer mal. Ich hoffe, der kommt wieder - ich benutz so viele Totenköpfe und brauche sicher in naher Zukunft Nachschub ;-)

    Liebe Grüße,

  8. Not only does this SOUND like wonderful art, it looks like it should be framed and put into a museum. What a wonderful blog!

  9. Aaawww, thank you so much, casapinka!



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