Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Done - Gorgeous - Sold

Just a quick update before I'm off to the kitchen to cook a late lunch ;-)

1. I am done with the scarf - it took me about a week and I didn't knit every day, so that project was less work than I feared. I will present my mother in law with it on Friday, hope she'll like it.

2. I've made corespun yarn from Bluefaced Leicester wool and kidmohair blend (purchased at Das Wollschaf) and it's a dream of creamy heaven!

I think this blend is even better for this special technique than pure kid mohair fibre, it makes the texture richer and even more interesting - I'm in love and I'll definitely have to order more of that gooorgeous stuff!

3. The Funky Christmas Tree yarn hasn't even made it into the shop, it was requested beforehand. But I have enough fibre and baubles left for one more skein (I just need to find more ribbons since I've used all my red ones for the first skein), so a similar yarn will hopefully appear by next week or so. Thanks for all the hearts on Ravelry btw! :-) :-) :-)

1 comment:

  1. 1. congrats! you made it, nice scarf!
    2. that´s really the best word for it, wooly heaven. reaaaaaaaally wonderful.



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