Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Must... Knit...

I've made some progress on the scarf for my mother-in-law I wrote about a few days ago - 4,5 mm needles are a lot nicer than, say, 2 mm needles (which I am currently using with another project and it's hell - but more on that some other time, maybe) and I think I am about half done. First, let me show you a photo of the yarn:

At first I thought the yarn was too irregular for the pattern, but I have come to like it a lot. I hope my mother-in-law will like it, too (AND wear it).
It's a razor shell lace pattern which can be found in more than one book, which I have modified only slightly.

I've also spun some plant fibre yarn recently, which I want to knit into a wash cloth/wash glove. If that stands the test and I know how much yardage a project like that will take, I will probably spin some similar yarn for the shop, maybe selling it with a pattern. I am very eager to start knitting that, but I suppose the scarf should come first ;-) Some spinning in between will have to happen, though - but more on that later today, if I find the time, or during the next days :-)



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