Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A Noble Spring Wedding - Pictures of a Prize Yarn Knit Up

It's not been long since our lottery/giveaway - and we already received the first photos of what Kat made from the "Spring Wedding" yarn!

Thank you so much for the pictures, Kat, and for your permission to show them here - this is a beautiful piece, I love the pattern you chose!
More information can be found on Ravelry (since you've posted your Ravelry name in the comments of the giveaway posting, I think it's okay to post the link - if it's not, please tell me and I will remove it at once!)


  1. Überhaupt nicht meine Farben, aber in dem Gestrickten sieht das super-edel aus!
    Habs bei Ravelry gleich mal als Favorit gespeichert :)

    Wir sehen uns morgen *drück*

  2. Thanks! Not only was I thrilled to win this yarn, but, even more honored to be blogged about. LOL ;p



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