Thursday, April 22, 2010


VERY patiently! *drums fingers on table*

The reason? I've ordered a beautiful niddy noddy from The Spinner's Emporium, which has been shipped and should be here soon, and we (Twisted and I) have ordered some gorgeous spindels from IST crafts. Ian told us some of them were not in stock, so he's making them to order - that's so exciting! :-) We're really looking forward to receiving them, they are so beautiful.


  1. Hopefully your spinning thingy arrives soon & in tact
    : )

    My mother spins & does all that sort of fiber oriented crafty stuff. She has some truly weird looking tools & thingamabobs. But then, I'm an illustrator, so it's mostly pens, pencils, and paper, and my beloved imac...

  2. oh that is so funny! I just had a good long chat with one of the guys from IST today and we were talking about the possibility of a heavier turkish spindle... as you may know I am very obsessed with turkish spindles already... :P

    They really are gorgeous spindles!



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