Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Divaesque Wellness Dreams

This is one post long overdue! Maybe some of you remeber the Divaesque Scarf I was working on for a trade. Well, I finished it quite a while ago, and I already received a packet full of gorgeous handmade soaps and shower melts from aforementioned soap sorceress Goodgirl (who, in fact, was much quicker to send her part of the bargain than I was). Since part of the parcel is supposed to be a gift to someone who might be reading this blog, the picture shows only some of the delightful items I received:

I've already used up one shower melt, gave two away (one to my dear friend and shop partner TQ/Twisted, and one to my sister-in-law), and just started another one yesterday - and they are pure heaven! I requested pure essential oils instead of perfume oils for all the bars and melts, and I am so happy about the fragrances! Thank you again so much, Goodgirl!

Unfortunately, I was in such a hurry to send the scarf on its way that I completely forgot to take photos once it was finished *ashamed* But here's photo of a part of it, anyway:

It's about 2,20 m long, between 20 cm and 25 cm wide, and I knitted up two full skeins (which means I've still got about half a skein of gorgeous yarn left, ha! ;-)). 

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  1. Thanks for taking pictures and posting! Somehow, I never get to it before I send the parcel... ;).

    I will take a few pictures of this beautiful scarf which I really really enjoyed wearing! It's too warm now, though... but hey, winter's just around the corner, isn't it *g*.



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