Saturday, April 30, 2011

Which Colours are Missing?

It's time for me to order some new fibres, my stash has shrunken rapidly during the last months. Before I place my order, I'd like to ask for your help/opinion. I tend to be a little short-sighted and to order my favourite colours, but I really want to see beyond my own nose. So, here's my question for you, whether you're a (potential) customer, or a reader, or just stopping by. What colours would you like to see in our shop? Are there any colours missing, or colours we should use more often than we do? What colours should I order?

I'd really appreciate you comments, so thank you for posting them :-)


  1. Looking at the overall palette...maybe more purples, lavenders, stuff in that family. Nereides is absolutely mesmerizing!

  2. what about pinks and soft blues???? I, you have a pretty collection already

  3. I'll put a vote in for purples!

  4. The variety and character in these yarns is wonderful. I wouldn't know which colors to order. Do you see a trend or pattern in customer sales or requests? I guess you can't predict, but they certainly are gorgeous. If I had to choose, maybe something with a blended metallic tone? Copper and another color?

  5. definitely more (dark)aubergines and purple tones! and more bluish strong reds (like in brazilwood dyes). and some noble greys maybe? and blues - somehow nearly everybody likes blue tones? lovely nereides and dumbledore btw :))
    I forgot - how about some dark greens?

  6. Yes, I vote for more purples, too! OK, I am biased since I love purple...
    Turquoise and copper would look lovely together. Or black and metallic silver.
    Some strong reds - I can never get enough reds!

  7. Purples it is, then! :-)

    I've just placed my order, and I chose a variety of purples and lavender, many different reds, some blues and aquas, some greens, a lot of black and some white for the next dyeing day.

    Thank you all so much, your comments have been very helpful!



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