Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Have We Been up to?

It's been quiet here for a while now, but I don't intend to keep it that way. I've done some spinning, but I also had a lot of other work to do, and *whisper* I took a few days off! My husband was on leave and we spent some time outside, both in the local parks and on a day trip to the Felsenmeer ("sea of rock"), which is very impressive.

Also, my sisters-in-law visited with us for a few days and we enjoyed the sun and played some board games - like Clue Harry Potter, Ghost Stories, and The Settlers of Catan. I like all of them, but at the moment I am a huge fan of Ghost Stories. I like cooperative board games, and I think there might be none more cooperative than this one. It's hard and we never won until last weekend, when we played with my dear Twisted and her husband, but it's still great fun, and I do like the challenge. We even got an expansion set from my parents-in-law for Easter, and this makes the game even harder and more complicated, but I already love it ;-)

I really hope to be able to blog more often again, I already collected some pictures I wanted to show you - pictures of the prize yarn, for example, and some teasers of my latest creations. This week my schedule is very tight, but I pin my hopes on next week :-)

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