Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Look at this!

That's my newest acquisition, and I'm so happy about it! My fourth. Well. But I'll start at the beginning.

I bought three spinning wheels two months ago. Three, that's right. You may ask yourself: "Why does she buy herself three spinning wheels!? Is she crazy?" and that would be a good question. So I'll tell the whole story.
I bid on two auctions on ebay. I just did minimal biddings - and never thought I would get the spinning wheels. I had watched dozens of auctions on spinning wheels before, and all went to prices about 70 or more Euro. I bid only because my ebay-favorites were extremely crowded. And then I forgot about the auctions.
Shortly after that I found a classified ad. Spinning wheel, just 20 minutes from here, the lady didn't know if one could spin on it, but well, it was worth the try. And indeed, the wheel was beautiful, fully functional. So I bought it.
And then I won the two auctions.

In the meantime I resold two wheels to friends of mine who didn't have spinning wheels on their own. I guess they were quite happy about my offer, and frankly: I was happy I got rid of them. Our flat isn't that big, you know...

And I really love my remaining spinning wheel which I dubbed "Sleeping Beauty", it looks a bit romantic, but its orifice is too small. So I looked for a spinning wheel with a bigger orifice - and here it finally is!


  1. It's a real beauty, this one! I'm glad you bought it (if you hadn't, I might have gotten weak it myself, it was just to good an offer to ignore :-)) and I hope I can have a go, sometime!


  2. It is so pretty:) I like the look of the old flax saxonys but man the orifice was small. With spinning it's all about the orifice size baby;) LOL



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