Sunday, April 20, 2008

Welcome to our blog!

Hello world!

Weird&Twisted now have a shared weblog! From now on, you will find here some of our ideas, many of our inspirations, glimpses on our stack and loads of stuff about our art yarns. We will keep you posted on our latest yarns, show you our photos and tell you a bit more about the spinning process.

The idea is to let you take part in our creative process. You're invited to comment, to discuss and to criticize.

It's all about fibers, spinning, about kitting and crocheting - and about creativity. ;-)


  1. Hi you two!

    Nice new blog!!
    Your yarns are really cool ans I hope you will have a lot of success at Etsy.


    (Strange to comment in English... I have to learn for my exam, I think ;)

  2. Hello dear you :)
    You opened your blog the day of my birthday ;) I love your yarn, I will buy some one day !

    Wish you the best :)



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