Sunday, April 20, 2008

Yay for stars!

I did it. I sent my first entry to a spinning challenge! And I even got two votes so far, even though one of the votes was Weird's. ;-)

Pluckyfluff wanted the participants to spin a yarn that is either representative of oneself, consists of ones favorite materials, illustrates a theme that one identifies oneself with or all of this. The second part of the challenge was to crochet or knit a beenie in a size and style that suits one or says something about oneself.

I did so and it seems I was the first to finish the challenge: Mine is the first in the long line of nine entries. I don't think I'll win, all others spun so great freaky yarns! But I really love my hat. It indeed reflects a part of my personality. If you want to see more pictures, visit my flickr-site, there are quite a lot of the beenie and the yarn.

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