Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Christmas before Halloween?

Since I was very late with my Halloween yarns this year, I decided to start spinning Christmas yarns a little early - meaning, the first one is done :-) There's also still one Halloween yarn left which I haven't been able to list so far. That's because I haven't been able to take good photos of my latest yarns yet, and I am terribly busy with my other job at the moment, so listing the new yarns in the shop will have to be postponed a while. But I wanted to give you a little preview:

Watch your Back!

Another one with fun zombie heads in it - and quite a large skein it is, too: 216 m / 117 g. It's sparkly, it's fun - and a little creepy, of course :-)

Christmas Art Yarn
(still have to find the right name)This one contains wonderfully soft wool/silk blend, hand dyed tussah silk, lace fabric, faux pearls and red stars. I love the texture, and I always love yarns with fabric strips in them.

Skin of a Basilisk (3)

This was a custom order which I was very happy about :-) I had already spun two similar yarns way back, and I always liked them, and spinning them is fun because of all the coils. Also, as you might know by now, I love spinning Harry Potter related yarns *g*

Red Orange

Another custom order, placed by a lady I know personally :-) She has already received this yarn and likes it very much. It's made of hand dyed wool/silk blend and apparently it will be used as a highlight in a jacket for a child.


  1. Oh-Oh, die schwarz-roten Zombies sind ja herrlich! Ich muss mir auf die Finger hauen... Oder möchtest du vielleicht gegen was tauschen?

  2. Ich mag die oberen drei Garne alle total :)

  3. wenn keine zombies im ersten waeren, koennte es auch als christmas laufen:)) und das zweite koennte victorian christmas heissen, weil sie damals ja wohl eine vorliebe fuer alles opulente hatten:)) mein favorit ist natuerlich der geschaelte basilisk - als hp fan:))

  4. Lovely! Exciting to see what you make. My curtain (made of yarn from you ) has been an UFO (unfinished object) for quite some time, but not forgotten - just have to find the time to finish it up. Have a nice week!



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