Monday, May 16, 2011

Head in the Clouds

Last weekend, I was really in the mood for some sky/cloud related yarns - and here are my latest creations :-)

Head in the Clouds
 Softest merino wool of light blue, some yellow linen, and just a hint of turquoise merino are the basis for this beauty, which is rounded off with coils of soft white lambs wool. I love the colours, and I always love coils :-)

Cloud Nine
This soft and highly textured art yarn is another so called corespun yarn: instead of being twisted, the fibre is spun around a core thread, which results in this unique, wonderful, and lofty texture. A cloud if ever I saw one :-) I used naturally white Bluefaced Leicester wool (I LOVE that fibre, so soft and gorgeous!), some white linen, shiny white bamboo flakes, and shiny white tencel - oh, and some white angelina. I thought of keeping this one, but white really isn't my colour, so I'll list it some time next week.



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