Monday, August 1, 2011

Crafting Like Mad

I am now officially addicted. I never thought I'd like crocheting that much, but the book and crazy cute Cthulhu really helped ;-) I made the skeleton bride and groom last week, which was a lot of fun.

We went to my husband's family on Friday, to celebrate the birthday of my father-in-law. The whole family is already used to me crafting, I had brought spindles, my knitting, and even my spinning wheel in the past, so a little crocheting didn't even cause surprised looks ;-) My sisters (in-law) are always interested in what I'm doing, and they really liked my version of Bellatrix Lestrange:

I think it took me two or maybe three hours to make her, but I'm not completely sure. I used bits and pieces from several creatures of the book, and I love the outcome :-) Bella now resides in the place of honour in front of our Harry Potter DVDs.

My husband and I also went to a concert on the weekend - our first after many long years, and one of my birthday presents. It was great :-)

Metal with medieval elements/instruments by the German bands Schandmaul and In Extremo - the former of whom were much more fun and likeable, though I like the music of the latter somewhat more... My muscles ached from dancing yesterday, because I can never stand still when I'm at a concert. So we spent the day on the couch, watching the new episode of Torchwood, and searching for a new game to play on the PS3. We've long wanted something like Diablo, with local multiplayer options - and we found two games: Dungeon Hunter Alliance and Dungeon Siege III. We played a little of the trial version of the latter, but since it wasn't available at the playstation store, we decided on buying Dungeon Hunter Alliance. After some hindrances in the form of a new credit card, a forgotten password and a failing internet connection at the worst possible moment we even played a little, and I think I like it :-) Looking forward to playing again tonight, but first I have to work on my thesis, spin a yarn, take some orders to the post office and so on.

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