Friday, August 26, 2011

Batwoman and The Necromancer go Mushroom Hunting ;-)

I've been very busy and I want to show you some of my latest creations. Since Woollybits wanted to see the Necromancer yarn, I'll oblige :-) I don't want to spam you with all the yarns I've spun recently, so I'll just show you the Necromancer and two of those I haven't taken enough photos of for the shop. The rest will be listed quite soon since I've taken photos today. So, if you want to see more, you know where to look ;-)

The Necromancer
 Perfect for Halloween! Black fibre blend with some hand dyed wild silk of an eerie blue, threadply, containing bone skull beads and silver bone charms.


   I got Batwoman Elegy for Christmas, and when I saw the bronze-toned bat charms on my last online charms shopping tour I knew I had to spin a batwoman art yarn. If you're a comic book fan and don't know Batwoman Elegy yet - go for it! ;-)

Mushroom Hunting

Twisted is an expert on mushrooms. She always longs for the fall when we can finally go hunting again. I love going with her, although I am mostly clueless. My job is finding any mushrooms/toadstools and then yelling for Twisted to come identify them ;-) Anyway, I love mushrooms, and I just had to spin this yarn in honour of our last hunt when we found some of the most delicious ones I've ever tasted :-)

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  1. thanks for the pix - I think I have to dig out the garth nix series again to remember more about necromancers and other characters.... though DS thought I should use bones like that for a "doggie yarn":)) don't know the batwoman elegy, but the yarn reminds me of old venetian villas, with masks and gorgeous old dresses:)) and the twilight glade and arabian nights are right up my alley - purples:))



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