Saturday, May 17, 2008

The big spinning wheel swap: Hello Ashford Traditional, good bye Nameless One

This is the... uh, let me count first... the... fifth spinning wheel in about three months. The fifth! And it arrived three days ago, looking just as grey, dusty and sad as on the picture on the left. Isn't this just a shame!? How can anyone treat a beautiful Ashford Traditional that way!?
Well, I did what I always do when a new spinning wheel arrives here: I went to the hardware store to buy me some new glaze, new sandpaper (240s, it's always the first to be used up) and a brass aglet.
And then I spent yesterday with restoring it. I cleaned, sandpapered, sandpapered again, painted, glazed... Man, that was a tough piece of work!

But it was worth it! Look how beautiful it turned out! And as the glaze dried quite fast, I was able to spin some yarn on my as good as new Ashford Traditional - and I completely fell in love with it.
Meanwhile Weird spun a bit on my huge dark Nameless One and was that overwhelmed that she almost begged me to buy it!

And how could I refuse that request?
So we both, Weird & Twisted (well, TrashQueen here, eh) have new spinning wheels! Yay!


  1. Juchu! :-) Ich freue mich dann einfach mal mit Euch mit. Naja. Nicht so ganz ohne, denn ich habe ja seit gestern auch eins...

    Liebe Grüsse von der


  2. Ja, ich habe es in deinem Blog gelesen - wie läuft das Kiwi denn so? :-)
    Ich bin ja so verliebt in mein Ashford Traditional! Hab gerade noch ein Garn gesponnen ("Surf on!"), und es spinnt sich so himmlisch!

    Yes, I read it on your blog - how is the Kiwi? :-)
    I'm so in love with my new Ashford Traditional! Just spun another yarn ("Surf on!"), and it's so gorgeous!

  3. Oh, die Kiwi läuft ganz hervorragend wunderbartoll. Kann man wirklich nicht maulen!

    Weitere Loblieder auf die Kiwi dann demnächst in meinem Blog. Muss.Mehr.Spinnen!

    Liebe Grüsse von der




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