Sunday, May 25, 2008

A Glimpse into the future ;-)

I finally got to start (and by now, finish) my long-planned project of the mythological object "Brisingamen", which is the necklace of the Goddess Freyja. The name might be translated to "flaming ornament", so I chose flaming colours for this project.
I wanted the art yarn to be sumptuous, so as to do justice to the object that inspired the project and to the Goddess who owns it, so I not only chose a lustrous wool/silk blend, but also real gemstones in different shapes: carnelian, citrine, moonstone, garnet and aventurine.

The fibres have been hand dyed by myself, using professional acid dyes.
The gemstones have been strung onto a very delicate golden lurex thread, which I took along all the way while spinning. It turned out I dyed enough fibres for quite a large skein, about twice as large as my skeins usually are. Since I now own a wonderful spinning wheel with huge bobbins, it all fit onto one - but I decided to sell this beauty in two seperate skeins, since it will be quite expensive due to all the luxurious materials and I want people to have the chance to buy a smaller part of it. However, I won't cut it in half until someone buys just one skein, so if someone buys the whole lot, it will be one unbroken, large skein.

I really love this yarn and it will be very
hard for me to part with it... But I guess I can't afford to keep everything I like ;-) Especially since I don't want to sell stuff I don't like myself; so after this beauty has been washed I will list it on Etsy.

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