Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Spinning on my Ashford Traditional

is pure joy! It's almost noiseless, it's so smooth and... Ah, I'm in love! :)

Here you can see me spinning the latest addition to the Weird&Twisted Shop, "Happy Alpaca, Yummy Lime". Snowberrylime was in Switzerland some weeks ago and brought some beautiful alpaca fleece. Yesterday I washed and cleaned it, and today I spun a bit of it with some green and yellow wool. The structure of the hand-washed fleece was so gorgeous I didn't want to ruin it by forcing it into a too even thread - so I tried some slubs. I think it looks really beautiful, and I loooove the soft touch!

You may ask: How did she take that photograph... she can't have a third hand, can she? Well, I could, I guess, but I don't. ;-) Even though I spent my last weekend playing the RPG "Call of Cthulhu", I'm not some creepy mythos creature with too many limbs! I just used the automatic release and seized the camera under my chin, that's the whole trick.
Not very comfortable, but I prefer that to being a mythos creature. ;-)


  1. Es wird ja immer besser! RPGende Spinnerinnen! Hach!

    Entzückte Grüsse von der


  2. :-) Jawoll, mit ähnlicher Leidenschaft wie wir Spinnerinnen sind, spielen wir auch Rollenspiele!

    :-) Yep, we're RPGers with about the same passion as we are spinners!

  3. Schön, dass Du nicht mehr "radlos" bist und das richtige für Dich gefunden hast.
    Viele Grüße



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