Friday, May 2, 2008

Farewell, my Sleeping Beauty!

Ah, the third spinning wheel in a short time left me today. The third beautiful spinning wheel, and I loved all of them. But this time, parting was hardest. Although I know there'll arrive two new ones here in a short while, I have none left right now. The flat feels empty and a bit cold (so I'm sitting with my back against the heater).
I restored all three spinning wheels, as I bought them via ebay. I became so fond of all o them, scrubbing them, painting them, glazing them and finally spinning some nice yarn on them.

And I'd have kept the "Sleeping Beauty", if the orifice wasn't too small for my beads and pearls and stuff I like to spin into my art yarns. I gave her shelter for only one and a half months. Now I wish I had a bigger flat, more space so I could keep her...

I know, I'm whining. I should look forward to the new wheels, which will hopefully arrive soon. But right now, I can't.

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