Thursday, July 23, 2009

TdF - Weird's Day 20

Actually, this freshly spun yarn should have been finished yesterday, seeing that this was my challenge yarn. However, I had to work the whole day and didn't manage to finish it. But now here it is - my Athena Yarn, inspired by and named after the greek Goddess.

(please click to enlarge)
161 m, 111 g, about 9-11 wpi.

I had carded the batts on monday (the rest day, but I assumed it meant rest from spinning only ;-)) and was really looking forward to spinning them. They consisted of green and brown merino, light green merino/tussah silk blend, hand dyed silk and golden angelina. My challenge was to create a more interesting yarn, as I think my spinning has become a little too even recently. Nothing wrong with an even yarn, but for one thing I don't want to become lazy and for another thing, I do like coils and other means of creating texture and I very much like interestingly textured yarn. I also wanted to put in lots of stuff: organza ribbons of brown and green, leafy ribbons (also of brown and green), gemstone beads (mossy agate, pyrite, bronze-coloured freshwater pearls) and golden owl charms I got specially for an Athena yarn (which I had planned quite some time ago).

Due to creating so much texture, this yarn took a while longer, but it is worth every minute! There are coiled parts, fatter parts where the accompanying thread winds around the fibre, even a few corespun parts and, of course, the parts where the different ribbons have been spun in. I very much like the outcome, though there is a little problem: the owls have quite sharp egdes and three of them have already fallen off, probably having broken the fine accompanying thread. I won't be able to sell this with a good conscience unless I find a way to secure the charms. I don't mind keeping this yarn, as I really love it, but I have so many art yarn objects already and don't know when to wear them all ;-)


  1. Wow, das ist ja wunderschön geworden! Ich wollte grade schon schreiben, dass ich hoffe, dass ich das noch in live sehen kann und es nicht gleich weg ist, sobald du es in den Shop einstellst.
    Klasse Idee und tolles Ergebnis!

    Liebe Grüße,

  2. Gerade hab ich nur das erste Bild der Collage gesehen und gedacht: Das würde ja voll zu Athene passen. Ach solls ja auch... Ist also völlig gelungen!



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