Thursday, July 9, 2009

TDF - Weird's Day 6

I didn't get any work done yesterday: I had to work at the excavation the whole day and spent a lovely evening with my fiancé afterwards :-) I haven't spun very much today, either, since I am still in the process of rearranging the flat (in order to get more room for my stash *yaay*) and I am also still studying for the exam tomorrow. However, I assembled some material for my Silver Wedding yarn and started spinning.

Oh - and I haven't mentioned my crazy news yet: I have ordered and received a new spinning wheel!!! :-) A foldable Kromski Sonata (with all the flyers available), to take with me to spinning meetings and on vacation. I have long wanted a traveller's wheel and when I found out that there's a jumbo flyer available for the Sonata, nothing could stop me ;-) My mother agreed to pay half of it, as a birthday gift and I generously decided to present myself with the other half *g* Strictly speaking, I am not allowed to use my new wheel until monday, but who can be so strict with themselves? Anyway, this is not the wheel I'll be keeping since it is slightly damaged, so I think I can persuade myself to use the *um* "borrowed" wheel today while I wait for an undamaged one to arrive :-D
I will (hopefully) be able to take some photos soon.


  1. really would like to know how you get on with the sonata as I'm still thing about which to buy ( taking my time as I am able to borrow a wheel from the guild and a friend has also offered hers oto loan)

  2. Hi Guzzisue,

    I have had the sonata for two days now and I haven't spun much on it yet - but I can already say that I LOVE that wheel! :-) I didn't think it would be so large (didn't really look at the measurements before buying - only thing I saw was "jumbo flyer available" *g*), but that's all right for me. It's possible to take it with me to spinning meetings and maybe on weekend trips and that's what I want. I suppose it would be impossible to carry it together with stuff for a longer vacation, but I can live with that.
    Spinning is very easy on the sonata, it's easy to fold and unfold, it looks nice, it's quiet, there's a lot of stuff available (like extra bobbins and different flyers)... Well, as I said: I already love it :-)



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