Monday, July 6, 2009

TDF - Weird's Day 3

As mentioned in the comments to Twisted's announcement of our joining the Tour de Fleece, I have joined the Team Lantern Rouge 2009. Today, I finished a yarn I had started quite a while ago: Morticia, inspired by Morticia of the Addams Family.

It has been spun from a hand carded batt of black alpaca, white bamboo, hand dyed lambs wool of different shades of violet and lots of violet angelina. I've also added some glow fibre, so some of the white parts will glow in the dark :-)

I've also been treasure-hunting, ending up with wonderful stuff: silver fabric roses for a silver wedding yarn, and some yards of a leafy ribbon (white, brown and green) I had wanted to buy for more than a year, now (somehow, they never had the green kind, but today I got lucky!). I also bought some new flowers - roses of pink and red, anemones of white - last saturday. As I mentioned earlier, I buy textile flowers whenever possible ;-)

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