Saturday, July 11, 2009

TDF - Weird's Day 8

I've finally finished my Silver Wedding yarn:
merino and bamboo, white irisdescent thread, silver fabric roses and strips, freshwater pearls and leafy ribbons.
300 m, 170 g.
It took quite a while, but was worth every minute. I think this has to be the longest art yarn with this kind of stuff in it I've ever spun. I really like it :-)

Please visit my Flickr page for more photos!

The funny thing about it all: I found my own wedding dress today. I haven't bought it yet, but will go back to the shop on monday and buy it then. It's red though, not white! ;-)


  1. I'm enjoying your Tour and your yarns very much! Are you having a rest day today?

  2. A rest day from spinning, yes - but I was busy otherwise, my fiancé and I finally bought our wedding clothes :-) It was quite an exhausting day, but now we'll have a lazy evening, eating take away and playing computer.



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