Sunday, July 5, 2009

Tour de Fleece - we're on!

Yes, I know, I know. We're one day late. But well, we had to buy some furniture to better stash our stash, and it had to be yesterday! So, sadly, there was no time for spinning this Saturday.

But: We now joined the Tour de Fleece! "Twisted" from Weird&Twisted aka TrashQueen aka Christine aka me joined three teams on Ravelry: Team Germany, Team Twitter (as I'm a fanatic twitterer), and, of course, Breakaways, the art yarn team!

And today, I tried to make up for missing the first day of the tour. So here are my yarns!

Yes, you've seen correctly: This is another glow-in-the-dark yarn! It's a corespun one, with a fluorescent thread in the center, luxury fibers like cashmere, merino wool and bamboo fluffily wrapped around it! It's so light and soft! :-)

And: There are these big, beautiful vintage lace blossoms, spun right into the yarn. I really like how it turned out!

This is a rather punky one. Black alpaca, combined with merino wool in rosé, dark red, violet and some bamboo in shiny white - and tons of sequins in black and red!

So, that were the first two yarns for the Tour de Fleece. Stay tuned for LOTS more! :-)


  1. I've spend the whole (!) day setting up shelves and there was no time for spinning at all. My fiancé and I have decided to rearrange our flat, so that's what will have to be done during the next few days (apart from getting even more shelves). And I'll have to study for an exam as well. Oh - and I need to look for wedding dresses, too. So - I am quite sad to tell you that I'll leave the Tour de Fleece to Twisted and all the other spinners :-/ I really wish I could join, but since it seems I won't be able to get any spinning done this week, participating is out of the question. Maybe next year...
    The good thing about the whole thing: after rearranging everything, we will have a kind of fibre compartment in the living room where I can stash all my spinning equipment quite comfortably :-)

    Twisted, your flowery-glowy yarn is absolutely fantastic!

  2. Oh, all right - I just couldn't resist. I joined the Lantern Rouge Team and if this week is too busy for spinning I'll have to make up for it later ;-)



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