Monday, May 30, 2011

Poison Ivy

Are there any knitting comic book fans out there? ;-)
Here's my latest creation, modelled after the well known super villain Poison Ivy from the DC universe:

I used hand carded blend of black and green fibres (the green is hand dyed wool/silk blend of intense colour, my last bit!), added red mohair clouds, some kind of probably textile ivy leaves, glass leaves and glass beads - and bright green glow in the dark thread. Sadly, it's not as bright as the variety I had before, but it will still emit a faint glow after having been charged with light.

Speaking of comic books - what are your favourites? Mine are The Sandman, Hellboy, The Unwritten, The Unknown, House of Mystery, and Courtney Crumrin. I also loved Batwoman Elegy. I'm always looking for new (at least new for me) excellent comic books, so if you have any recommendations, they would certainly be welcome! :-)


  1. Wow, stunning yarn! It has such verve and personality. I love that it's based on Poison Ivy! And yeah, Hellboy would make AWESOME yarn!

    I'm a comic book artist and a crochet toy designer and I'm just learning how to spin yarn. I crocheted a toy inspired by the Alan Moore's Watchman character Rorschach here: I also drew a mini-comic about a knitter who lives in the woods and one day his handknitted sweater is stolen by bigfoot!

    I look forward to seeing more comic-based yarns! Your stuff's amazing!

  2. Thank you so much! :-)

    I just ordered the DC Comics Encyclopedia, wanting to use it as inspiration for new yarns. Pity it will take 2-3 weeks to get here...

    Your Rorschach toy is cute! I never read the comic (though we have it here - I really should take the time!), but I loved the film.

    Is your comic available online? It sounds great :-)

  3. Thanks! You must read Watchmen. If you loved the movie, the comic will blow your mind!!! Imagine all of the characters that you can spin into yarn from just that comic. The DC Comics Encyclopedia sounds neat & perfect for your project.

    My comic is called "Manny + Bigfoot" and you can view three photo samples online at the 2D Cloud shop online here: Scroll down through the other books to find it.

    I love your blog btw! It is a great read, and I LOVE your yarn!



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