Friday, December 11, 2015

11. Deathday Party (Harry Potter Art Yarn Advent Calendar)

The passageway leading to Nearly Headless Nick's party had been lined with candles, too, though the effect was far from cheerful: These were long, thin, jet-black tapers, all burning bright blue, casting a dim, ghostly light even over their own living faces. […]  They turned a corner and saw Nearly Headless Nick standing at a doorway hung with black velvet drapes. "My dear friends," he said mournfully. "Welcome, welcome . . . so pleased you could come. . . ." He swept off his plumed hat and bowed them inside.

- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling


Description: I chose grey and white as main colours, and I incorporated the black candles and black velvet drapes in the form of black silk fabric strips. I decided against adding blue for the candle light, as the grey and white seemed more ghostly to me. The white parts are shiny wild silk, and I added matte white beads with a silver core.
Fibre Types
: merino wool, wild silk
Colours: different shades of grey, white, black
Add-Ins: sewing thread, silk fabric torn into strips

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