Saturday, December 12, 2015

12. Skele-Gro (Harry Potter Art Yarn Advent Calendar)

"Anyone can make a mistake," said Hermione. "And it doesn't hurt anymore, does it, Harry?" "No," said Harry, getting into bed. "But it doesn't do anything else either." As he swung himself onto the bed, his arm flapped pointlessly. Hermione and Madam Pomfrey came around the curtain. Madam Pomfrey was holding a large bottle of something labeled Skele-Gro. "You're in for a rough night," she said, pouring out a steaming beakerful and handing it to him.  “Regrowing bones is a nasty business.”

- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling

Description: As the book doesn’t give a description of the potion, I was free to choose the colours. I decided on a pale minty green as a base, and some mossy green and lighter green for highlights of the maybe sluggishly swirling motions of the potion. I added skeleton charms for obvious reasons, and there is also a bit of pale, minty linen fibre for more texture.
Fibre Types
: merino wool, linen fibre
Colours: pale mint green, moss green, apple green
Add-Ins: sewing thread, skeleton charm

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  1. I love the last two yarns - not so obvious at first sight - just the thing for grown-up fans, who don't like wearing pumpkin orange or pixie blue:)



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