Thursday, December 17, 2015

17. Polyjuice Potion (Harry Potter Art Yarn Advent Calendar)

The potion hissed loudly like a boiling kettle and frothed madly. A second later, it had turned a sick sort of yellow. "Urgh - essence of Millicent Bulstrode," said Ron, eyeing it with loathing. "Bet it tastes disgusting." "Add yours, then," said Hermione. Harry dropped Goyle's hair into the middle glass and Ron put Crabbe's into the last one. Both glasses hissed and frothed: Goyle's turned the khaki colour of a bogey, Crabbe's a dark, murky brown.

- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling


Description: Instead of the unpleasant colours described in the book, I decided to spin a polyjuice potion yarn before personal bits were added. I imagine it sleek and greyish, but iridescent with swirling colours representing all the possibilities. I chose blue-grey viscose because it’s glossy, and added black alpaca and dark grey merino wool as well as some brightly coloured viscose and linen. I spun in black beads with a rainbow finish and added a cat charm because, as we know, Hermione’s stolen hair turns out to be a cat hair and turns her into a furry feline.
Fibre Types
: viscose, merino wool, alpaca, linen fibre
Colours: grey, blue-grey, emerald green, yellow, orange
Add-Ins: faceted beads, cat charm

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